News 2011

In accordance with schedule of technological cooperation between Techcom GmbH and UGMK-Holding in nonferrous metallurgy sphere the tests of blow device DVS at furnace of 20 tons for copper fusion of Enterprise “Uralelectromed” were held. When mastering the technology economical and technical expediency of its use was revealed. Due to results of tests we resolved to master technology of copper blow-off via use of blowing elements DVS at the Enterprise’s furnace of 350 tons for copper fusion. Executed works prove the effectiveness of use of modern Techcom GmbH technologies both in cast iron and copper producing and in nonferrous metallurgy sphere.
24.11.2011 A contract with the company SC DUCTIL STEEL Otelu Rosu/Mechel Group has been concluded about delivery of ASIS technology. The ASIS technology (patent EP 2039785) is a resource saving deoxidation technology by steel production. The effect of the application of the ASIS is the reduction of aluminium consumption at deoxidation about more than 20%. The use of this technology also leads to the lowering of production costs and improving quality characteristics of steel.
26-29.09.2011г. in Odessa at coast of Black sea, within the Scientific and technical conference “Perspective technologies as improving methods” hosted by TECHCOM GmbH, has taken place a meeting of representatives of metallurgical branch of the CIS and EU.
During the conference were presented reports about experience with application of metallurgical technologies at the enterprises, new refractory materials and equipment.
Prospects of development of metallurgy and the role of new technological decisions in development of qualitative products produced by the enterprises are discussed.

Within of development of technologies of pouring of EAF roof with corundum refractory concrete by “Energomashspetsstal” experts TECHCOM GmbH in common with experts of the enterprise perform works on lining and drying of a monolithic part of EAF roof. After carrying out of all works the lining element is placed in operation by which results the expediency of application of the given technology will be defined.

The work tests of the ASIS technology – desoxidations method by injection of aluminium granulate material in the tap stream of a melting unit, are completed at the steel plant Peine Traeger, Germany. The results confirm the high effectiveness of the technology compared to conventional methods.

The industrial tests of dry self hardening mass for tundishes are in running at the steel production of LLC “Electrostal” Kurakhovo, Ukraine. The joint work of plant specialists and representatives of Techcom GmbH company is conducted within the framework of the development of melting and casting high-quality steels. The using of dry mixes lets to drop the drying and the preheating of tundishes,  as well as reduce the labor costs for the lining.

07.06.2011г. At the  JSC “Metallurgical Plant. AK Serov “, Serov, Russia are carried out the lining and stuffing works on the hearth and slopes of EAF-80 with high-quality refractory masses delivered by Techcom GmbH. The aim of this works is to reduce of costs for steel production, providing higher resistance of the masses as compared to the conventional  used materials.
31.05.2011 a single-channel bottom purging device DVS has been tested in EAF-90 of the metallurgical plant LSW (Lechstahlwerke) Germany. The results of melting series running with DVS showed the stable performance at high outflow of inert gases compared to devices DPP. It is noted that the intensity of steel mixing in the bath of the steelmaking unit by reducing the flow of inert gas at 10-20% towards the devices DPP does not change,  that favorably affects the reducing of energy resources without changing the technological features of production at the plant.

 It was decided to conduct of industrial trials for the purge devices DVS in the melting units of the plant.

The contract with JSC “Uzmetcombinat” has been concluded for the supply of the thermal image equipment with software and technique of estimating the wear degree of basic lining in steel units.

The use of this equipment allows the company to achieve the higher values of trouble-free service durability, as well as to reduce the costs for refractory materials, fully using the resource of the lining.
On 04.04.2011 was reached an arrangement with metallurgical plant «Gerlafingen» in Switzerland to conclude an agreement on the transfer of equipment for injection of aluminum fraction (ASIStechnology) in constant operation. Implementation of the ASIS technology enabled the factory: – to achieve savings of aluminum by 25% – due to the change and optimization of the process of deoxidation, the total costs for deoxidants were reduced by 50% – by shifting the exothermic reaction from the steel-pouring ladle into a stream of metal on the issue, an increase of lining resistance in the slag belt was pointed out; the concernment of the metallurgical enterprises of Western Europe in the ASIS technology points not unreasonably on the perspective of implementation of this course in the metallurgical complex of the CIS countries and the EU.
25.03.2011  in EAF OAO “Uzmetcombinat” were carried out the works on lining of the working area of ​​the walls and hearth of EAF-120 with high-quality refractory materials supplied by TECHCOM GmbH. The carrying out of these works will increase the operational stability of the aggregate on all elements of the lining; will reduce the unit costs for production of steel to provide its higher quality.

In March 2011 in the open-hearth shop of OAO “Uzmetcombinat” have been completed the tests of 3 experimental linings of steel ladles with periclase-carbonic materials, supplied by TECHCOM GmbH. The carried out tests showed the positive results of operational stability, on the basis of which is prepared the resolution of the possibility for the industrial use of these refractory materials in conditions of steel-making enterprise.

A bottom purging system with inert gas through two one-channel purging elements DVS (RF Patent № 2374328) is put into operation in the EAF Shop of JSC “NSMMZ” in Revda; the elements are installed in the hearth of steelmaking unit (EAF number 1). The results of the heats with the use of purging systems show the reducing of the EAF operation power-on time for 0,8 min, the power consumption and electric devices are also reduced. It is planned to implement the purging elements DVS into a hearth of EAF № 2 of JSC “NSMMZ” in the second quarter of 2011.
At the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian Metallurgical Plant” a purging system is installed in the steel ladle – technology APS (RB patent № 10556, EU patent №1541699, RF Patent № 2208054). The results of the tests confirm the effectiveness of using this technology in steelmaking production.